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This is me, one week old, sleeping in the arms of my Uncle Philip. He was my mother's younger brother. He was ten years old when I was born. I weighed 5 lbs, 6 oz, and had quite a bit of red hair.

Mom and me on my first birthday celebration. Apparently, everyone called me Christy when I was a baby. I don't remember ever being called that; I was always called Chris by my family.

When my sister and I were young, another little girl once refused to believe we were sisters, because we did not look anything alike. I was fair and my sister was dark. As it turns out, she was partially right. In a twist of DNA fate, I have recently discovered that my siblings and I are not full siblings - we are half siblings. I have a different father. This has been an emotional revelation after twenty-five years of genealogy research. I have disconnected myself from half of what I thought was my family history, leaving a big hole in my story. And so a new story begins . . . I have posted these pictures because I am curious as to whether I resemble my biological father's side of the family. Perhaps some 'cousin' will see the resemblance and give me a touchstone for this unknown side of my family history.